The title of the exhibition Club Disminución, was inspired by an article written by Argentine writer Gabriel Sáez during the financial subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 where he invited the United States to join our dour fraternity” of which “Argentina is the club of nations utterly obsessed wiht their decline”, a world economy where things can only get worse.

The installation included a 3-channel video with three, dual-projection screens, molded kelp, steel, bronze, inkjet prints, glass and railroad ties. An artist residency at Casa Poli, Coliumo, Chile, resulted in my exploration of cochayuyo, giant kelp whose tendrils commonly reach 24 feet in length. Sculpture, video, and large-scale digital prints work together to depict the struggle between the human drive to create lasting symbols of culture, and Nature’s indifferent, persistent erasure of these symbols. The final image is of the cochayuyo suspended inside the walls of Casa Poli.