Club Disminución, Sep. 6 - Nov. 2, 2014

The exhibition Club Disminución (“Club of Diminishing Returns”) was instigated by Alexa Horochowski’s artist residency at Casa Poli, Coliumo, Chile, 2012/2013. Designed by architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofía Ellrichshausen, Casa Poli, a minimalist, cement cube, functions as a cultural art center/artist studio. Built on a jagged cliff overlooking the Pacific, 30 miles from Chile’s second largest city, Concepción, Casa Poli appears perched at the end of the world. It offers views of the ocean from three of the cardinal points (South, West, and North), and directly below Casa Poli, the surf pounds into a narrow cave. The separation between landscape and architecture is indistinct.

Horochowski molds the seaweed cochayuyo (Durvillaea antarica, gian kelp that grows on the shores of Chile and below Casa Poli) into cuboidal forms that merge the mechanical with the organic and living. Sponges are translated into bronze so that they resemble pumice, and natural materials take on the qualities of man-made objects. The work explores entropy and the passing of time by imitating the natural processes of accretion and aggregation found in caves or the persistent impression left by fauna and water on architecture and the landscape. The title of the exhibition was inspired by an article written by Argentine writer Gabriel Sáez during the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 where he invited the United States to join "our dour fraternity" of which Argentina is the dean of club of nations utterly obsessed with their decline", a world enconomy where things can only get worse. In the exhibition Club Disminución, the fossil of a credit card heralds a post-consumer future, beyond the Era of the Anthropocene.