El Basilisco was a residency program directed by artists Esteban Álvarez, Cristina Schiavi and Tamara Stuby from 2004 - 2009, in Avellaneda, just to the South of Buenos Aires' city limits. In response to our desire to increase cultural exchange on national, regional and international levels, we organized a project that brought artists from different provinces of Argentina together with artists from abroad to participate in periods of intensive work lasting approximately ten weeks, including different formal and informal events that involved peers from the local art scene, students and the general public. Many people participated in and supported the project in diverse ways; its heterogeneity and broad scope were key characteristics of the project from start to finish. The bilingual (Spanish-English), El Basilisco, book available for download on this page offers an overview of its history and the artists who participated in it.

POEM TO EL BASILISCO—Alexa Horochowski

El Basilisco, how do I remember thee?

Avellaneda, club deportivo, Charlone 933

Two collaborating Swedes who don’t always get along

A gunshot through a map leads to a talking parrot

The pile of garbage across the street,

Expanding and contracting,

Destination for stray dogs and artists alike

Wine-infused conversations until dawn

Morning bird calls emanating from the Canadian

Yerba mate afternoons

Weekend ñoquis crafted by Alejandro

Creative energy fueld by late-night Quilmes,

Neighborhood kiosk, ferretería, eclectic librería

A Painting on the fractured, patio wall

Palanganas to catch the raindrops

The disillusioned taxi driver from Capital refuses to drive you there


Video re-edits, Mujer I and II, 2007, based on La Mujer del Puerto by Arcady Boytler and Raphael J. Sevilla, and The Captive based on George Romero's Night of The Living Dead and Jean Cocteau's La Belle et la Bête.